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Geotechnical Services

SKG Engineering has completed geotechnical investigations throughout San Angelo and all over Texas. Our geotechnical investigations complement our engineering design phases, and construction material testing, which allows us to provide a complete package of services to our clients. SKG Engineering's laobratory is in-house, so our service is even faster than our competition.

The geotechnical investigations analysis includes, but is not limited to, Atterberg Limits, sieve analysis, unconfined compressive strength, and natural moisture contents.  Services provided in the reports can also include site conditions, site map showing boring locations, logs of borings, groundwater conditions, Potential Vertical Rise estimates, results of lab tests, allowable bearing capacity values, foundation and pavement recommendations, provisions to mitigate the effects of expansive soils, if applicable, engineered and compacted fill material requirements, and construction testing requirements. 

SKG Engineering offers the following geotechnical investigation services:

Geotechnical Engineering Services Geotechnical Investigation and Design – SKG Engineering can conduct various geotechnical tests. Based on these tests, we can determine site conditions, nominal allowable bearing capacity, pavement recommendations, and foundation recommendations. SKG Engineering can provide a complete civil site development design, foundation design, and structural design based upon these studies.

Soil Testing and Observation – Earthwork and site grading activities are critical to the successful performance of construction projects. SKG Engineering offers to assist during the pre-bidding phase, pre-construction phase and construction phase of your project. We offer services in specification review, Borrow source evaluation, site stripping, undercutting and subgrade evaluation, density testing and fill placement observation, and post-construction fill assessment.

Laboratory Analysis Services - SKG Engineering has our own soils laboratory to perform the laboratory analysis on soils in an efficient manner. Analysis includes, but is not limited too: Atterberg Limits, sieve analysis, unconfined compressive strength, and natural moisture contents..